@Voice No Ads Upgrade

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In short

@Voice No Ads Upgrade is a speech app for Android made by Hyperionics Technology LLC. This is a great app for students and people. It helps to read kindle books.


Love this app Please add ability to read Kindle books

Best book reading app available

Which is really the best TTS reader app

Well worth the purchase price

The most useful of any TTS app out there

I've been looking for a good text to speech app and this one is great

Thanks for such a great reading app

This app is great and helpful for people with dyslaxia

Happy to support the creators

Thanks for developing this app

0 I can't get this Pocket server sync feature to work whatsoever

This app doesn't support the samsung duos

Reads web pages to me with the screen off

Started getting ads despite upgrade

Available settings don't correct this

Bought full version hoping for fix


Optional upgrade for @Voice Aloud Reader. Removes all the ads and supports our efforts to make @Voice even better! Please make sure that you have the original @Voice Aloud Reader installed on your device before downloading/buying this app. After installing this @Voice No Ads Upgrade, please exit and restart the main @Voice Aloud Reader program (e.g. by pressing the STOP button in @Voice) to get rid of the ads.

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