VPN Shield WiFi Security Proxy

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VPN Shield WiFi Security Proxy is a free app for Android created by Defendemus sp. z o.o.


Best VPN service I've tried

VPN Shield gives me the best VPN experience

Best VPN but free trial should have an hour every day

Decent and useful app

Easy connection and very reliable

Not only is it one of the most useful apps ive downloaded

Not downloadable in china on computer and google app store is blocked

Not working at all now after I paid for one month subscribe

It simply crashes and returns to home screen

Bandwidth limitation

Kicks in automatically whenever we are on a public WiFi


VPN Shield App protects your online privacy by warning you when you are using the Internet in potentially unsafe locations, such as unprotected WiFi hotspots in hotels, and provides a safe and trustworthy connection with a VPN Shield App service subscription, or to your own VPN provider. With an active service subscription, you create an encrypted and secure channel between your device and one of our servers in over ten countries using Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology. This hides your IP, guarantees privacy, and unblocks popular web sites and apps when you choose to connect to the right region for you to overcome censorship. VPN Shield App Features: New! IPv6 Support (beta testing) - New Generation IPv6 Protocol Support for connection with Germany's VPN server! VoIP Calling feature (Whatsapp, Viber, Line, eth) New! Whatsapp VoIP Calling feature - Whtsapp enabling VoIP Calling Support for Germany's VPN server! Unblock Web Sites, Revoke Regional Censorship - Protect your personal data and unblock web services while access to your favorite sites Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, VK, Gmail and other popular network services where they are blocked. Totally Anonymous Internet Browsing - We protect your privacy and do NOT record statistics such as browsing or search history, opened web-sites or used apps. Hide IP Address and Location - Bypass Internet censorship and enjoy using your services wherever you are located, even China. Unlimited Speed and Data Traffic - No speed limitation, no bandwidth limitation. Watch your favourite movies, listen music, browsing any websites and use apps without any restrictions. Works with any Connection - Use VPN Shield App with any local networks in the office or home, or public WiFi, 2G, 3G, and LTE with any carriers. One Subscription For Multiple Devices - Purchase just one subscription and share it between your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, and Desktop devices running different platforms! Automatic Connection Mode in Unsecured Networks - Start a private and safe VPN connection automatically when an unsafe Internet connection is detected, like in a hotel or cafe. Wide Geographical Locations Coverage - Servers are located in more than 10 countries worldwide, with multiple servers per country to ensure a solid connection and fast browsing. Real-time Server Access Guarantee - Our team performs real-time monitoring of server accessibility from all major-geographical regions to provide non-stop security and privacy of VPN Shield App for our customers worldwide. Operated by Defendemus - an EU network security expertise company. Super Fast Customer Support - 24/7 response rate for any issue. Trusted by Professionals - over 5 years on market with tens of thousands of active users worldwide. Subscriptions: Support In-App Purchases and popular web payment systems - AliPay, UnionPay and PayPal. To make payment on web-site just login into your account 1 Day FREE with Unlimited Bandwidth and Traffic - Ad free. 1 Week VPN Shield 1 Month VPN Shield 1 Year VPN Shield 3 Year VPN Shield Locations: VPN Shield uses servers located in: United States United Kingdom (IPv6 Support) Canada Germany (IPv6 Support) France Netherlands Sweden Singapore Japan Australia Hong Kong All locations are operated by Defendemus - European network security expertise company. Contacts: Web: Customer Support: Twitter: @VpnShieldApp Facebook:

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