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In short

VpnCilla is an Android vpn app from Matthias Meier.


Awesome vpn app that I've used on Lollipop and Marshmallow on Moto

It's very easy to setup if you have the required vpn settings

02 and VPN Cilla connects perfect and fast

Highly recommend it to anyone trying to connect to an ASA device

He helped resolve a routing issue

Thank you very much for working app

Many thanks to the dev

This problem didnt exist on the previous MJE baseband

Didn't even ask for log file


Before you buy this software, please test with the free "VpnCilla (Trial)"(also available at the google play market)! VpnCilla is a VPN Client for VPN Servers as FritzBox, Cisco PIX/ASA, Fortigate or other VPN Servers with IPSec Pre-shared Keying (Xauth IKE/PSK). Features: * Profile automatically taken from the Trial version (don't uninstall the Trial until the first run of this full version) * No root access needed (if the device fully conforms to Android 4) * Compatible with Fritzbox, Cisco PIX/ASA, Fortigate VPN Servers and others (?) * Connects/Disconnects with a single click (by a Shortcut-Widget) * Automatic Reconnect Mode on WiFi/Mobile failover/outage * Supports Multiple Profiles * Supports automatic Cisco Split Routing * Passwords may be stored in profile or always manually entered when connecting (which is much more safe) Advanced Settings: * Possibility to specify WiFi Blacklists/Whitelists to explicitely deny/allow VPN on only specific WiFi ESSDs * Possiblity to specify Manual Routes and/or DNS Server and much more... Restrictions: - Mention the security risk if passwords are stored in profile in case your device will be hacked or stolen! - VpnCilla runs only if the TUN driver (tun.ko) as well as the the Android 4 VPN routing infrastructure is included in the firmware. UNFORTUNATELY NOT ALL DEVICE MANUFACTURER YET HAS INCLUDED IT!! Check with "VpnCilla (Trial)"first! - Only IKE/PSK Xauth authentication is supported (no PPTP, no L2TP, no Hybrid RSA, no SSL, no Cisco AnyConnect, ...) - supports IPv4 only (no IPv6) - supports WLAN/WIFI as well as Mobile Data up to 3g. VpnCilla is unstable over 4g (LTE) on some devices / with mobile providers - Active Screenfilter apps as Twilight or Lux might prevent selecting of the security dialog checkbox - VpnCilla can't handle phase 1 rekeying initiated by the VPN server. On Fritzboxes this will occure after 1h connection time whereas on Cisco VPN servers the rekeying interval is configurable and by default after 8h. Typically the session stalls for 2-3 minutes until VpnCilla initiates a reconnect.

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