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In short

Weather Radar Widget is a free widget app for Android created by Tregware Apps. And this is a perfect way to rectify issue.


Nice simple app that tracks storms

I truly love this widget app

Helps me track storms

As an OTR Coast to Coast truck driver this app helps immensely

Great way to keep up with the rapid changing Oklahoma weather

The weather map widget is absolutely terrific

Love the current updates and allows accurate weather tracking

Fabulous app for current weather conditions anywhere any time

A great overview of regional weather data

This is my favorite weather app ever

Really wanted to give it a try but didn't work on my HTC 10


Three fixes in version 1.7.6: 1) The "rock back and forth"mode checkbox was previously not saving its state properly. 2) "Rock back and forth"mode now shows the intermediate images (as it was supposed to all along) instead of just flipping between the first and last image. 3) The bug affecting people who purchased the ad-free version should now be fixed—two days ago, a coding error allowed ads to show up on the ad-free version! This should no longer be the case, but if you encounter it, please let us know, and we will definitely issue a refund! Thank you again for your patience and support WEATHER RADAR WIDGET SUMMARY: High-definition radar, severe weather alerts, and pinpoint-accurate forecasts from the National Weather Service. All free with Weather Radar Widget. With the included radar widgets all you have to do is glance at your home screen and you'll never be surprised by the weather again. It's easy: create a widget on your home screen, choose a location, and there you go, up-to-the-minute weather radar on your launcher. Tap a widget to animate the radar without even opening the app! Plus, you can customize each widget's zoom level, map style, and transparency. Tap a radar widget to open the app for full-resolution looping radar, and tap again to get a detailed forecast. No opening apps, no waiting for downloads. Put the weather a glance and a tap away with Weather Radar Widget.

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