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In short

Weather Whiskers App & Widget is a free Android weather app from Ask Applications, Inc. It is a great way to check weather.


Pretty cute app with accurate weather provider

Forecast feature is also very accurate now

Best weather app I can has

Gives awesome pictures of cats in the weather conditions provided

The cats are so darn cute and the image quality is superb

Weather descriptions are a accurate as well

So many lovely kitty puns

I love checking the weather with these adorable kitties

But wish it showed more weather info

The most accurate weather app I have ever used

It sits in the refresh stage for a while then just crashes

It suck to rebuy this stuff but it is so cute though

I just get the loading screen

I'll just get the loading screen on an infinite loop

Only way to get rid of this is uninstall and reinstall

Doesn't let me look at the weekly forcast and contains to many adds

Bad news delivered by cats suddenly just becomes

Have to uninstall it


There is one thing that can make a thunderstorm feel like a sunny day: cats! With Weather Whiskers you’ll enjoy every day no matter the temperature or pressure. It’s an easy-to-use weather forecast app with kittens dressed for the current weather conditions. No need to look out of the window - now you can know if you need a raincoat or sunglasses with a glimpse on your screen. Have some fun with bizarre kitty commentaries and improve your knowledge of lol-speak! Features: • Current weather: you can set the temperature units (Celsius or Fahrenheit) and have it always displayed in your Status bar; • 4-day forecast: cats tell you what to expect several days ahead and warn about severe weather; • Cute smart-looking kittens dressed to the current conditions with lol-speak commentary on the weather; • The local and worldwide weather: check the current conditions for your area or for multiple cities around the globe while traveling. Weather Whiskers is simple to use and amazingly addicting. Cute cats will warm your heart even on the coldest day while the accurate weather forecast helps to plan your weekend or a trip. Kitty everything. Seriously, so many cats!

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