WebWatcher Parental Monitoring

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In short

WebWatcher Parental Monitoring is a free Android monitoring app from WebWatcher. It is suitable for parents. It is a great way to lock down device.


Thanks to this web watcher parental monitoring app

WebWatcher Parental Monitoring app helps me to monitor my child

The web watcher is a nice app to keep a track of them

A great app to track the same

This is fantabulous Parental Monitoring app

Using this parental monitoring app is very easy to use

WebWatcher app become one of the best Parental Control app

This app does an excellent job of recording key words

Great for viewing text messages

Best online Parental Control app

Doesn't do anything a free app can't do

This app does not record outgoing facebook messages

This is the worst customer service ever

Got the same BS on a refund request

Totally worst Parental Control apps I used earlier like Kidslox

Run run run they are a bunch of Thieves

Poor delivery and customer care

I either receive nothing logged for entire days

The app gives my phone very rude look

This app is a big waste of money


WebWatcher is the #1 rated parental monitoring app that gives parents the ability to discreetly monitor their kids activity on any device including Android, iOS, PC & Mac. Once you download this app, select which device you want to monitor (Android, iOS, PC or Mac) and follow instructions for setup. Monitor as many devices as you'd like from the same interface! Monitor your child's device activity in 2 easy steps: 1) Install WebWatcher Parental Monitoring app on your Android device (phone or tablet) by clicking the Install button in Google Play. 2) Click Open to launch the app. Select the device you want to monitor (Android, iOS, PC or Mac) and follow the instructions to register your child's device with the WebWatcher Parental Monitoring app. Discreetly view the following data: iOS/Android features Text Messages Website History Web Searches Photos GPS Call Logs App Usage & More PC/Mac features Emails Instant Messages Website History Web Searches Keystrokes Screenshots & More A detailed list of features will be included during the device selection step.

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