What if..

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In short

What if.. is a free thing game for Android created by A Creative Endeavor AB. It can be recommended to people. And this is a perfect way to ask for rating.


All in all thing game is supper fun and is a great game to play with

The app is very conventional and a great time passer

This game is a great time spender

Great game for passing the time

It's definitely a good way to pass the time

Cracking up and just having fun 5 STAR APP

Its a great time passer

Fun and a great way to pass time

Simply a time passer for you and the driver

I have only been playing for a couple minutes but it's a neat game

It is not for functioning adults

Random stuff just pops up

All this nonsense literally clogs the damn game

I thought it was going to be just another boring app

I'm not a fan of this colorful design but still


What if.. is a question game where you say "Yes"or "No"to casual, personal, challenging and crazy questions and immediately see how other players answered! Perfect for parties as well as for just passing time. You have nothing to lose, try it out! What if… you could extend your lifespan with 20 healthy years. But… you step on a piece of lego every day when you least expect it. The world says: 46% Yes, 54% No What do you say?  • With 100,000+ questions and new every day the fun never ends!  • Share questions with your friends and see what they answer!  • Create your own questions and see its statistics!  • 150000+ positive reviews Aaand another one: What if.. monsters were real. But.. all other animals went extinct. By installing this app you agree to this Privacy Policy .

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