White Trip

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In short

White Trip is a free simulation app for Android made by Appliss inc. It helps to relieve stress.


And it's a great time waster

Wonderful art design and easy to control

Its also a great way to use up time

So good to relieve stress and kill time

Good resolution quality

It is a great simulation app

Very good quality game

Sometimes we just need to sit down and play relaxing games like this

Gameplay is actually really relaxing with just a hint stress

Plz dont disappoint me

And there's no way to adjust how sensitive the controls are

It ruins the smoothness tbh

This game is NOT a meditation game

The tilt controls are difficult to use and can lag

And the tilt option is almost impossible TT

Swipe controls are abysmal

But just about the worst handling I've seen in any game

Because i feel its a stupid idea

Neat idea but terrible execution as of 22 July 2017

Had one minute of gameplay and 4 minutes of unskippable ads


【how to play】 Please drag the screen and let the bird fly around. While touching the screen, the bird moves forward. Only two things to be careful · Please do not turn off the light · Be careful not to bump into black birds and buildings 【Characteristic】 · Easy operation by sliding screen only · Feeling like being really flying · Numerous beautiful stages

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