Word Academy

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In short

Word Academy is a free Android word game from SCIMOB. It is suitable for kids. It is a great way to learn words.


Very good for keeping your mind and observation skills sharp

Also good for kids to learn words and try to figure it out

Brilliant word game very addictive recommend downloading and playing

A challenging game for those who want to test their knowledge

The selection process could be better but it's good

It is so fun addicting and hard at the same time

It's a nice break and helps keep the brain active

Its educational and fun at the same time

Great way to past time

Great graphics and controls


***** Already Ranked #1 among Word Games in 44 countries ***** Enroll in Word Academy to unlock hundreds of grids made up of hidden words. The words in each grid have a theme and order: the game starts off easy, but the size and number of words increase as you play, and the order becomes more important and difficult. STUCK? That's not a bug! If you can’t connect the letters it’s because you have solved the words in the wrong order. In that case start over using the reload button and try to solve the words in a new order. SCIMOB, the creator of 94 Seconds, 94 Degrees and 94% with more than 50 million players worldwide, brings you its latest game and brain workout, Word Academy!

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