Word Battle

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In short

Word Battle is a free quico word game for Android created by SIA Fufla. And this is a perfect way to keep busy waiting.


Thanks for making such a great app

Love the speed and competition aspects of this game

Simply a wonderful word game

Very challenging word game

My favorite word game

Good for keeping u busy when ur waiting

And great for learning new words

Just a fun quico word game

A fast paced word game

Always a good challenge


Does not recognize legitimate words

Can't connect after the latest update


Word Battle is an exciting and addictive, real-time, multiplayer word game. You can choose your opponents either from friend and family cycle or wide Facebook user audience. Gameplay: each user is given the same 9 random letters where each letter has some value assigned. In 40 seconds, you need to come up with a word, which gives you as many points as possible. It is up to you what strategy you choose to win a battle. The one with the highest word score wins. Word building is really fun! Moreover, the ability to compete and chat with others makes it even more gripping. Word Battle is a great game to practice spelling skills. Word Battle Facebook Page: Use of this application requires a Facebook account.

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