World Travel Guide by Triposo

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In short

World Travel Guide by Triposo is a free Android travel app from Triposo. It is suitable for tourists and travelers.


The distance filter option for list organizing is wonderful

Highly recommended for travellers

The best travel app that i found

Great for tourists who want to explore

It's a great guide for travelers who has no plans but wants to travel

Best app about travelling

Very accurate information

I hope something new and exiting are coming for such a great app

Don't bother buying a map or a travel guide

Any location with facebook post keeps popping up on browser

Its annoying to keep cancelling it everytime

After last update the not responding message is a frequent occurrence


Triposo is your smart travel guide - it’s free and works offline! Our awesome algorithms crunch through millions of websites and reviews to deliver unique recommendations across 50,000 destinations worldwide! Personalize your trip by picking your favorite hotels, sights, activities and restaurants and book them seamlessly in our app! That’s not all, our city maps work without internet so you can wander freely. Download the Triposo app and start discovering the world today. Why you need Triposo • Triposo works offline so you can avoid expensive roaming charges and data plans - offline maps, offline routing and offline city walks all at your disposal. • Discover highlights and hidden gems in over 50,000 destinations worldwide through mini-guides created by locals or passionate travelers. • Book hotels, tours, activities and transportation all in one place seamlessly through our app. • Triposo is free and easy to use Features of our Android travel guide - Pick a country or major city and you can preview it right away. You can then dowload the full guide if interested. - A downloaded guide works offline, without an internet connection. - Each guide includes a country map and detailed city maps for the top cities. - Each guide includes info about the major sights, great restaurants, different nightlife options and more. - Currency converter. - Phrasebooks for the non-English locations including text to speech, depending on the capabilities of the TTS system available on your phone. - Weather forecast (updated when online). - Extensive information about local wildlife, festivals, culture, food for major locations. Less so for the others. Once installed you have access to country guides covering most of the world and ranging from old time european favorites like Italy, Spain and France to more exotic destinations like Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia. If you only want a single city and don't want to download an entire country into this guide, we also provide city guides, covering the major tourist cities in Europe like Amsterdam, Rome, Paris and London, but also for slightly smaller places like Brussels, Oslo and Prague. Listing the full depth of our content would be a bit for this space, plus some would think it's spam! About our guides: We make awesome travel guides using smart algorithms. To do this, we crawl data from open content sources like World66, Wikivoyage, Wikipedia, Open Street Maps, TouristEye and Flickr. Once we have all the data, it’s time to parse. From each source, we extract all the information we can. Afterwards, we start identifying patterns and matching to come up with one complete record for each location. Now it’s time to determine what is most relevant to travelers. We use traveler’s photos and keyword density to analyze our content. Once we’ve got the most important data, we create the most comprehensive mobile travel guides. Customizing the app We setup the app according to your locale, but if you want otherwise, you can set your home currency (for the currency converter) if you tap the top bar and choose Account. There you can also switch between imperial and metric units (fahrenheit/celsius, feet/meters) for the weather forecast temperatures and for distances. Feedback If you see any problem with the app, please write us an email at so we can figure out what’s wrong and fix it. Thanks!

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