Zenly - Best Friends Only

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In short

Zenly - Best Friends Only is a free gps app for Android created by ZENLY. It can be recommended to parents. And this is a perfect way to see kids.


Real time updates on the map and a quick easy to use friends list

Hands down the best GPS app on the market

It was the perfect cross platform find my friends competitor

Will recommend especially for Parents helps out so much

This allows cross platform tracking

Thanks for Zenly I was able to track down the phone and get it back

I have used and loved this app to see where my kids are at

Best tracker I have found

The app works great and i just LOVE the new design

Keep up the good work

Since last update tracking app became snapchat focused app

The constant message screen needs to go away

This is not spose to be a social media app and now it changes to it

Now it just Crashes every time you try to locate someone

Latest update is terrible

Other than that the new update us a absolute joke

New version is useless

The app is worthless if it doesn't work in real time

Last update made it useless

The latest update completely ruined it


“Is this app the next Snapchat?” - TechCrunch Zenly makes it fun and easy to know what your friends and family are up to! Have you ever missed out on an epic party? Lost your friends at a festival, on the beach, or on the slopes? Waited too long for your friends to meet up with you? Never again. With Zenly, you can keep tabs on everyone in your life both near and far! Millions of really awesome people are already using Zenly to stay in the moment with their friends, no matter where that moment may take them! - Your friends live on the map - Schmooze with your friends on chat - Instantly see if your friends are at home or at school - See how many people watch you today - See how much battery your friends have - Find your friends even while skiing - Share your location with anyone you want - Get off the grid if needed - Free Simple to join. Sign up in a sec, invite your people, and start seeing them live. Go ahead, give it a try :) Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. But don’t worry - we’ve spent more than three years developing a unique algorithm to prevent this from happening! Zenly’s tech is state of the art. We love feedback! Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line, suggestion, or recipe for love :)

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