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In short

Flatdog is a platform game for iOS created by Jason Belmonti.


Love the controls and the fine tuned complexity power ups

The element of level design is very fun and the dog is cool

I love the art style and gameplay

Flatdog is the best platform game I've played since super mario

Hands down the best game I've played in a long time

This is one of the best games I've ever playrd in a long time

A great blend of fun and difficulty

One of the best games I've ever played

Very interesting and creative gameplay

One of the best iPhone games hands down


- Fast-paced, physics-based action - Sparkles - Procedurally generated levels - Pro-tuned twin-stick shooting mechanics (Easy to learn - difficult to master) - Unlock game-changing powerups - Unlock and upgrade super powers Synopsis: You don't understand anything about cell phones or computers, which is why you were easily duped into downloading PHoNe-CLEEN from MAL-soft. After you used PHoNe-CLEEN's theft.cam to take a picture of your beloved canine companion he was sucked into your cell phone by a violent flash of hyper electrostacicity. Can you help your flattened dog escape the phone? Features: - Fast-paced & bouncy physics-based gameplay - Procedurally generated levels. Every playthrough is different - 9 enemy types to battle - 6 game-changing powerups - Collect coins to upgrade your dogware, giving Flatdog the ability to see through the code or perform an ElectroDash - Collect coins to unlock game-changing powerups that shield, heal, slow time and give Flatdog the power of flight - Fight through infinite levels - how high can you go? - Sparkly particles and pretty lights!

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