Poker Party - Texas Holdem Game

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In short

Poker Party - Texas Holdem Game is a free poker app for iOS created by Crave Games. It can be recommended to poker players. And this is a perfect way to join friends.


This is a great way to spend your waiting time

Great game good time passer for me

This app is fun and a great way to kill time

But yes the game is really fun to kill time

Also it's a fun to waste some time if you have a lay over

Keep up the good work and I look forward to playing for a long time

Great fun to pass the time when your in the mood

Games are fun just to pass the time away

Its a fun game and a fun place to socialize with other people

Fast pace Easy to pick up on and take it with you where ever you go

What a shame used to play all the time now I hardly play at all

You need to fix the taking people's chips problem

This morning I try to get into the app and it crashes before opening

Now we too are separated by many miles

Thou I don't win actual money

I used to love playing online poker before it was banned

Your sisteme needs to be up dated from hackers

Seems like poor play wins an awfully large number of hands

Then last night I joined a table and it was frozen

Way too many dumb bets


The best Poker Game Experience on iPhone - The Biggest Poker Party on the planet! The excitement of Texas Hold 'em now on your phone to play whenever you want. Now just add a bit of skill and you'll have your first winnings! It doesn't really matter whether you are a newbie without basic knowledge of rules , you will find a table suitable for you. Come and join the club where fans from all over the world gather to play and chat about the best gambling game in the world. - Quick Play - No more waiting. Fold and start a new table immediately! - Fastest play - No registration required! - FREE daily chips - Fast tables - 5 or 9 person tables - Play with other Facebook users - Play on Wi Fi or 3G - Personal Avatars - Tournaments! We are the ONLY free mobile poker game to have its random number generator certified by the same authority as the real money casinos! Play with 100% confidence. For support write to us at

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