Abs workout 7 minutes

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In short

Abs workout 7 minutes is a free Android abs app from Simple Design Ltd. It is suitable for people. It is a great way to set goals.


Good for setting an exercise habit

This is so simple and easy to use app

Awesome abs workout exercise

The best abs app I ever used

This app is good and the daily challenges help us to grow our abs

Thank for pouring your time in creating such a wonderful app

Amazing app definitely recommend for people who want abbs

I think it's good for setting goals and motivating yourself

I recommend this app to everyone who wants to get abs

It's a good way to have healthy body

Sync with google play isn't proper

Last few days app in not responding

This will hurt your back more then your abs it's a terrible workout


The 7 Minutes Abs Workout is coming! Just 7 minutes, to get sexy, flat and firm muscles. Just 7 minutes, to achieve the perfect V-shape body. Just 7 minutes, to get a six pack either at home or the office. The 7 minutes abs workout for women or men, based on the training principle of “Higher intensity and lower frequency”, is a sure-fire way to get sexy, flat and firm abdominal muscles. There are 14 exercises included in the workout: Jumping squats, Reverse crunch, Straight-arm plank, Russian twist, Bird dog, Burpees, Long arm crunch, One leg bridge, One leg push up, Plank, Cross arm crunch, Mountain climber, Bridge, Bicycle crunch. These exercises can fully train your abdominal and back muscles. After only a short time of abs workout for women or men, you will see an obvious and great difference on yourself: healthier, sexier, younger and more energetic. There is also a video tutorial for you to modify and correct your motions. By taking the 7 minutes abs workout for women or men , you can get a six-pack, flat and firm muscles. The perfect V-shape body is no longer a dream. Features: Support Google Fit; Voice guide you when you need to start 7 minute workout or rest; Adjust the circuit time according to your situation; Adjust the rest time; Keep the screen on when you workout; Beautiful character and UI design; Workout log shows your complete workout time; Ability to pause the workout, and skip to previous or next exercise; Notification for daily abs workout for women or men ; Permissions description: Storage: For saving data to SD card or on your phone; Network communication: Support save data to Google fit; Phone call: You can get important phone call even during the exercise; System tools: This permission is for starting up notification even reboot the phone; Hardware controls: For notification vibration;

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