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In short

aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks is a calender app for Android created by Tapir Apps GmbH. And this is a perfect way to maintain schedule.


Syncs seamlessly with Google Calendar

Syncs very nicely with Google Calendar

Syncs with it and therefore with Google calendar with ease

Adding Reminders from Google Calendar will get you the fifth star

Excellent Calendar including support for Tasks

UI is easy to use and calendar widget is a huge time saver

Also syncs great with other calendars

A very useful and well designed calendar app

Would recommend this to anyone who needs a calendar app

Great display and integration with Android calendar infrastructure

Navigation trough calendar is not configurable

It won't allow me to add an Outlook calendar to the calendars

Doesn't show Google reminders

Why user can't select agenda view as default view

After their Material Design fiasco

Gone back to Android basic

Does not transfer to new Android phone

Then it stopped letting me email reminders

Impossible to read properly

The aforementioned highlight is not sufficient


aCalendar+ is the premium version of aCalendar - please try the free calendar app aCalendar first! aCalendar+ gives you many additional calendar features and your purchase supports further development and helps protecting the endangered Mountain Tapir. EXTRA FEATURES (aCalendar+ or as In-App-Purchase) Public holidays (and school holidays for some countries) - configurable in the calendar list Color themes (UI and Widget colors, dark background - NOT event colors: those are defined by your calendar service) Business features (Invite attendees, link contacts, free/busy, private, profiles, share as ICS, ...) Tasks (manage Google Tasks or tasks from CalDAV/OpenTasks) No ads (removes the occasional advertisement) Tapir Apps donates 10% of all revenue (app purchase, IAP, ads) to rainforest conservation through our friends at World Land Trust FEATURES intuitive navigation with smooth transitions day, week, month and year view Fullscreen widgets flexible recurrences like every 3 weeks, every 17 days, or every Mon, Wed and Fri 48 colors per calendar per-event colors (if supported by the event's calendar) custom event font size birthdays & anniversaries with photos from your addressbook and editing uses Android's native calendar backend and synchronization no battery drain through polling moon phases and zodiac signs for birthdays QR barcode sharing of events 12/24h clock honoring system settings optimized text display and improved line-break USAGE move forward and backward in the calendar by swiping vertically or volume rocker switch between calendar views with a horizontal swipe (opens the day or week you start the swipe gesture on) or double-tap for day view tap to open a calendar event long-press to add new calendar event long-press on mini-month to go to today or jump to date tap on photo to open quick contact menu 3-finger-tap: configurable action Drag'n'Drop: tap plus long press in day view (use volume rocker to change day) PERMISSIONS aCalendar only requests permissions needed for app functionality. aCalendar+ respects your privacy and will NEVER send any of your private data anywhere unless configured by YOU. Please contact us if you have questions about permissions. TRANSLATIONS aCalendar+ is translated into more than 30 languages, mostly by volunteers - please let me know if there is a bad translation somewhere or you want to add your language. LOVE If you like aCalendar+, please show your support by leaving a good rating and recommending it to your friends APP2SD Unfortunately app2SD cannot be supported, because homescreen widgets do not work from SD in Android. But aCalendar+ is optimized for speed and small memory footprint. ROADMAP (Planned features) further Tasks improvements (e.g. contact linking) Popup notifications alternative calendar system support (Chinese, Hebrew, Indian, Persian, Islamic/Hijri, etc.) - already available in the date widget!

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