CalenGoo - Calendar and Tasks

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In short

CalenGoo - Calendar and Tasks is a stock app for Android made by Dominique Andre Gunia. It helps to display anything.


Excellent integration with Google calendar and tasks

Syncs great with Google calendar

Syncs well with my Google calendar

It is the most highly customizable calendar app in the play store

I use it to seamlessly sync all of our family calendars

Calengoo is still easily the best calendar app for Android

Still my GoTo calendar app

Best calendar app available

Best calendar app I've used for years

Hands down the best calendar app

It won't let me add any new events or tasks

The app takes 45 seconds to open an appointment

Samsung Smart Switch didn't port that over

But since the last update it just keeps crashing

Main purpose I purchased is to configure and is not working

Don't bother looking further


CalenGoo is a flexible and extensive calendar app with integrated task management. It is designed to make it easier and faster to work with your calendar on your phone. By its diverse configuration options you can customize it to suit your needs. This way your appointments and tasks are presented in a clear way that makes planning easier. By integrating the Android calendar, it can be synced with many calendar systems such as Google, Exchange, CalDAV and iCloud. In addition, a direct sync with Google Calendar is integrated that you can use to sync all your past and future events. Using the five calendar views (day, week, month, agenda, year) you can view your appointments and tasks in different ways. Appointments can be color coded and you can copy and move them using drag&drop. Under "Settings > Design"you can choose from different designs. Tasks can be managed in the task view and synced with Google Calendar. Just add your Google account under "Settings > Tasks". A built-in Evernote sync allows you to display Evernote reminders and you can attach Evernote notes to appointments. If you have any questions or problems, please contact android@calengoo.com. You can open the settings using the icon with the three dots in the top right corner. Additional features: - Drag&drop to copy, move, open and delete events - A wide selection of widgets (day, week, month, list, tasks) - Sharing calendars with other people and inviting people to appointments (via Google Calendar). - Supports the same recurrence rules for recurring events as Google Calendar - Icons can be assigned to events (when syncing directly with Google) and are also displayed in Google Calendar - Improved time and date picker - Search function - Various reminder functions - Multiple reminder types when syncing with Google Calendar (SMS, email and pop-up) - The birthdays and anniversaries of your contacts can be displayed. - Floating and completable events ( http://android.calengoo.com/completable ) - Appointments can be sent by SMS or email. When sending them by email, an ICS file can be attached so that the recipient can import the appointment directly. - Calendars can be exported and imported as ICS files. - Templates can be created to quickly create new appointments. Templates can also be combined. - Print function to print various calendar views into a PDF file - Android Wear support for creating appointments and tasks by voice. - Local attachments - Tasks in events - Contacts can be linked to events For more details please see here: http://android.calengoo.com Additionally you can add ideas or vote for ideas on https://calengoo.de/features/calengooandroid (or http://calengooandroid.uservoice.com). And you can find a free 3-day trial version here: http://android.calengoo.com/trial

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