Today Calendar Pro

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In short

Today Calendar Pro is an Android calender app developed by Jack Underwood. This is a good app to provide screenshot.


Works well with Google calendar

Easily integrates with all of your Google Calendars

Better than Googles official Calendar app

Offers the best integration of tasks as calendar entries

It's maybe the most beautiful calendar app on the play store

Overall it's a great calendar app

Best calendar App there is

Perfect calendar and planning app

Very user friendly and easier on the eye than stock Android calendar

But thanks for making a calendar app that is user friendly

Google calendar is aweful

There are other calendar apps for Android but they are so ugly

Crashing when trying to edit an existing event

Why do the background opacity settings in widgets not work at all

Tried to edit an invite and the app crashes with an error

Whenever I try to add an event the app stops working

The sound pock menu has no 'apply' button

Worked fine then suddenly the promo code stopped working

Crashes completely in Marshmallow CM13

Auto theme doesn't work on Nexus 5x marshmallow


Despite being derived from the same stock android calendar as the majority of alternative calendars on the Play Store, Today Calendar sets itself apart from the competition by being the only calendar app to combine high functionality with stunning aesthetics. The stock calendar's UI was completely overhauled to create Today Calendar. The old cluttered grey-on-grey layout was replaced with a clean themeable design to create a truly beautiful calendar app. Today calendar contains all the features you would find in the stock calendar app, with many features getting slightly modified and rebuilt from the ground up to increase performance and productivity. Today makes organising your agenda incredibly easy. The month view has been redesigned to be Today Calendar's All-In-One view. It combines both the month and agenda views of the stock calendar to allow the vast majority of users to plan and organise their agenda from a single view. Translations: Translate Today Calendar into your language here: https://osban91.oneskyapp.com/

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