Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

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In short

Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers is a free alarm app for Android created by Better Morning Routine. It can be recommended to shift workers and students. And this is a perfect way to rotate shifts.



The hands down best alarm app on Android

Best alarm app I've used

By far the best alarm app I have ever used

Best Alarm app I have ever used

Best alarm app available

But a solid replacement for the standard alarm app

Came from using Alarm Clock Xtreme which is a still a very good app

I looked at so many alarm apps and this is definitely the best

Kudos to Developer for this awesome app

I have to completely uninstall the app to get the alarm to stop

This app updates after every alarm has gone off

This is a shady tactic

Most apps wouldnt even let me have a challenge to turn off a timer

Don't know why it says for heavy sleepers


Fullscreen multiple in a row ads are super annoying tough


AMdroid Smart Alarm Clock is an innovative, free alarm clock for heavy sleepers with multiple alarms for Android. It's smart, fully customisable, free, and wakes you up slowly, naturally, gradually and in a gentle way, even if you have a very deep sleep, making your morning routine better. No more oversleep, sleepyhead! This app was designed for heavy sleepers! • A free alarm clock for deep sleepers with unlimited, fully customisable alarm profiles Recurring alarms - daily or weekly repeats, intervals, set expiration, etc. One-time alarms - set any date Countdown alarms - the perfect app for an afternoon siesta We've made the best effective alarms, so deep and heavy sleepers are sure to wake up with a gradual wake - for free! • Each alarm has its own settings Wake up with a smart gentle alarm and start your day with your favourite song along with real-time weather information Use challenges (Math, Captcha, WiFi, NFC, Barcode/QR code) to prevent oversleeping - great for heavy sleepers Adjust snooze time on the fly Restrict alarms to locations Integrate your calendar to AMdroid Many more features to tweak your alarms, but easy to familiarise with Set up multiple alarms that work — even for deep sleepers! • Let you sleep on off-days Ever been roused from a good, deep sleep on a public holiday, just because the alarm clock wasn't turned off? AMdroid knows the public holidays for your country; alarms won’t go off on these days (optional). • Android Wear integration Snooze or dismiss alarms right from your wrist. Adjust next alarm or add new one-time alarms using voice commands. • No more oversleep with this alarm clock Can't wake up? Configure dismiss challenges (puzzles) to wake up timely. Use post alarm confirmation to make sure you are awake and avoid oversleeping. Perfect alarm clock for heavy sleepers. • Wake up during light sleep Are you a heavy sleeper? Configure a gentle pre-alarm that will go off and wake you up naturally and gradually before the main one. It can be scheduled automatically according to your sleep patterns.Lower the volume and disable vibrating for this pre-alarm, so it'll only wake you up slowly if you are in light sleep for a better morning routine start. Helps defend against sleepiness and lethargy in the mornings. Wake up easily; be energetic! The power of our smart alarm. • Sleep mode To avoid oversleep you need to go to bed timely. AMdroid will let you know with a bedtime (sleep advise) notification if it's time to fall asleep in order to wake up fresh and have a better morning routine. When sleep mode is activated sleep cycle calculation can be started to follow your sleep patterns and have an easier wake in the morning. With Stats, you can also track how much time you spend sleeping. • Places Make your alarm clock location-aware, so your alarms will only go off if you are in a certain area. Heading out for a business trip or just sleep over somewhere else for the night? Your morning routine will probably change, so AMdroid will temporarily disable your regular alarm profile automatically. • Stats Ever wondered how much time you spend snoozing? This material design alarm clock will show you statistics you can analyse and use to fine-tune your alarm settings. • Nothing better than an afternoon siesta Tiredness overcame and feel drowsy? If you are sleepy, use the countdown alarm function as a timer for your afternoon doze. Set the timer for your zizz, and the alarm will go off if it has elapsed, and you won't oversleep. Waking up naturally is the best feeling. Let's fight deep sleep and build the best smart alarm clock app. Send your ideas or report issues to *Notes* If your device supports a battery saving function, please add AMdroid Smart Alarm Clock to the whitelist, as it may cause problems with alarmclock apps. The app is free and Ad supported (after the alarm); purchase Premium Upgrade to remove Ads.

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