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In short

Alarm Clock for Me free is a free alarm clock app for Android created by Apalon Apps. It can be recommended to students. And this is a perfect way to remove ads.


Really good alarm clock app easy to setup and use

I use yhis app as an alarm clock

This app allows me to set multiple alarms during the week

Love the reminders and suggestions for setting alarms

Nice and Simple Alarm

Would like to see some more alarm tones added but works great

Thanks for the quick reply Apalon

Only downside is not being able to program alarms for certain days

Very nice and love that I get notifications for perfect sleep times

Very helpful especially for students and working people

Stinks a week later if I forget to check mark the box

It does not read my music from my memory card so it sucks

Gonna uninstall and get something else

Can't believe you won't get a password to get a password you suck

I was disappointed as it did look like a decent app

Sounds like either malware or incompetent programming

Unless you want to pay to have them removed

I can never get to the right screen to turn off


Alarm Clock for Me free turns your Android device into an alarm clock that sings your favorite tunes, a bedside clock with gorgeous themes and current weather information , and a sleep timer that lulls you to sleep at night! Alarm Features: • Alarm Clock: wake up to relaxing tunes or your own favorite music • Unlimited alarm support: you’ll never oversleep or miss an important event! • Background alarm support: alarm will ring even if the app is not running • Non-stop alarm: music goes on until you stop or snooze it. • Sleep Timer: fall asleep to relaxing tunes or white noise • Nightstand mode: turn your device into a gorgeous bedside clock More handy features: • Designer clocks: enjoy 2 stylish clock faces • Beautiful clock widgets: check the time right on your Home Screen • Weather information: check live local conditions and temperature Other features enhancing the overall experience: • Brightness Slider: change the screen brightness so that it doesn’t blind you after a good night’s sleep • Built-in flashlight: save yourself groping around in the dark • Auto-launch : the application can be launched automatically when device is docked or plugged in • Portrait and landscape modes: the clock works perfectly in both orientations • Shortcuts on the main screen: get easy access to the sleep timer and alarms Enjoy a perfect balance of beauty and functionality with Alarm Clock! Why does the app ask permissions to access personal data? CAMERA permission allows the app to use the LED camera light (the flashlight feature is available only on the devices with a built-in flash). LOCATION permissions are needed to deliver consistent weather forecast

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