Radio Alarm Clock - PocketBell

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In short

Radio Alarm Clock - PocketBell is a free Android alarm clock app developed by FiMi. This is a good app to set up alarms.


Excellent user interface

This is the best alarm clock app hands down

Awesome app but gives me trouble picking the radio option sometimes

Has my favorite morning station and easy snooze options

Best alarm clock app I've ever used

Easy to use and nice ring options

Easy to use with your own music or radio station choices

Easy to set up alarms

This works sooo much better than my regular alarm clock

The radio stations are pretty good

So I can't get any radio stations on a regular clock radio

This won't let me choose an mp3 on my phone as the new alarm sound

On screen it says buffering then gives up and plays alarm noise

Doesn't seem to play loud even when alarm set to full volume

Takes forever to buffer on excellent wifi connection

Many feeds just outright didn't work for me


PocketBell starts your day with good music, with your music! Online radio, MP3 and YouTube alarms Your favorite radio-station or audio-files (MP3) will get you out of bed! One quick swipe turns the alarm clock into a radio-player if you want to keep listening. Enjoy waking up to the sound and visual impression of great YouTube videos! Simple and fast This alarm clock was designed for a maximum of simplicity and a minimum of needless features. An intuitive and easy alarm setup with simple gestures allows setting up alarms in seconds. The gesture controlled setup of recurrent alarms has never been easier. Smart motion control Feels like magic, when a simple move of your phone dismisses the alarm. Flip it, shake it or lift it. - and this alarmclock will respond in a way you want it to. Dismiss, snooze or go-silent. No need for ads! PocketBell is, and will always be, completely ad-free. Unfortunately some radiostations start streaming with short audio-ads. PocketBell has no bearing on that! Try your favorite station to find out... Widgets PocketBell Monitor the alarm-timeline widget provides a clear view on your upcoming alarms as well as it offers the opportunity to activate / deactivate or skip alarms right from your homescreen. Take a look at the next alarm countdown any time you please. PocketBell Radio the onlinestream radioplayer allows you to listen to your favorite radiostation whenever you want to. Use the built-in sleeptimer to end your day with music. What's next? PocketBell is still under active development. All of your feedback is highly appreciated! Join our G+ community - - to suggest new features, request radiostations, and more... FEATURE OVERVIEW MP3 / radiostream / YouTube alarms Radio player mode - 'Keep listening' Motion control (Flip / Shake / Lift) Vibration alarm Recurrant alarms Timer / Countdown - alarms Progressive alarm (volume + vibration) 'Next alarm' countdown Snooze alarms Skip alarms 12h/24h mode Gesture controlled alarm setup Different color-schemes Day/Night - mode Material design Tablet - support No ads PocketBell PRO The free version of this alarm clock has minor limitations according setting flexibility. Upgrade to PRO-version to unlock snooze-time-setup (15 min*) and alarm-duration-setup (3 min*) NOTE: In radioplayer-mode there is no limited duration for listening radiostreams (free-version also!) *) Free-Version defaults Beware If you have a Sony device with STAMINA mode, you either need to disable this mode or add PocketBell to the active applications in standby. Android 6.0+ users should allow PocketBell to send notifications in priority-only mode. Check your notification settings...

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