Glimmer (luminous alarm clock)

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In short

Glimmer (luminous alarm clock) is a free alarm app for Android created by vuxia. And this is a perfect way to start day.


User interface is excellent

Best Alarm on the Play Store

Completely recomment this is honestly the best alarm app out there

So far this has been the best alarm app

This is the best alarm app I have used

This is a great alternative to expensive light alarm clocks

Helps me wake for work

Would like the alarm not to be so loud but a great app overall

Reliable and a great way to banish the winter morning blues

Awesome configuration availability to really make it your own

No sound it only uses the make phone brighter function

HUGE development oversight

The alarm volume no longer working

Just reinstalling after a phone reset

The full version of the app was lost


August 27, 2016 : I had a crash on Android 4.4 devices and lower. It's fixed in the new version 2.0.12 ! Please update the app :) This gorgeous software softly wakes you up. It turns on the screen 30 mins before the alarm with the darkest screen and increases slowly the brightness. --- /! All the features of this software are usable, but an in app purchase allows you to customize everything ! (From only 1€) --- In the middle of the process it can play birds sound, and if you didn’t wake up 1 minute after alarm time, it plays a strong sound to be sure you don’t miss. It also let the phone check the emails by turning the notification sound off and internet on. So when you wake up, you don’t have to wait to know what’s new :) If you sleep in a dark room it really wakes you up with the light, and if the phone points at you, your wife doesn’t wake up ! One more thing: This alarmclock is able to turn your phone in a "night mode"the evening, and turn back in day mode the morning. And so it shuts down the notification sound, internet, lower the brightness... ***FOR ANY BUG, PLEASE SEND ME A "BUG REPORT"(menu/bug report). THANK YOU !!*** For those who care, here is the explanation of the authorizations: CAMERA The app open the flash in torch mode at end of the alarm to add light on your room. To access the camera flash, I need to ask access to all the camera module. But... I never take any picture. READ WRITE FILES ON SD CARD I record data about app crash when it occurs. Then, you have choice to send it to me or not by email. WIFI, SYNC, SETTINGS In night mode, the app lower the brightness, mute sounds, turn off, wifi, turn of sync (to not have email notification) PREVENT PHONE TO SLEEP The alarm has a duration of 30 minutes. The screen has to stay open. LAUNCH AT BOOT When you boot your phone, the app is activated and setup the next alarm time.

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