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In short

Audiobooks, Books & Music is a free kindle app for Android created by Playster. And this is a perfect way to have unlimited audiobooks.


Everything about the audio books section is perfect

The best and most affordable audio book app available

I'm on my 4th book so far and I love it

Larger selection of books and audiobooks

I've made it through six whole books now with no problems

But the user experience is exceptional

I love having unlimited audiobooks

Reasonably priced audiobook service I can find

The customer service is also great in my experience

Love my Playster combo box

Also didn't find the book that was shown in one of their web ads

It has a crappy book selection and crappy movies

Initially I was able to download books and even listen to it offline

Can't watch movies can't listen to audio books

The worst problem I have is with 'downloading' large books

The app is not working properly on my redmi note 4 handset

The same issues errors to connect to server


Got my tablet and the Playster app does not work at all

However the playster app DOESNT WORK


Meet Playster: The only truly unlimited audiobook service in the world and the first all-inclusive entertainment platform on the market. Playster gives you unlimited access to millions of premium audiobooks, books, songs, movies and TV shows , all for one low monthly price. Choose between single media memberships or pick the all-inclusive plan and watch your savings add up. Audiobooks Imagine being able to listen to 100,000+ premium audiobooks from the world’s biggest publishers (HarperCollins, Hachette Book Group, Macmillan Publishers, Penguin Random House and Simon and Schuster) with zero restrictions. With Playster, you can do just that! No more paying for individual audiobooks or relying on subscription services that get you hooked with one monthly credit, then force you to pay extra for additional titles. Playster lets you listen to as many audiobooks as you want each month for one flat fee. New York Times Best Sellers, celebrity narrators, timeless classics -- they’re all here, waiting for you. Books In addition to audiobooks from the world’s biggest authors, narrators and publishers, Playster is also home to 250,000+ premium books. Choose from over 40 genres, including Young Adult, Romance and Thriller, and multiple languages. Accessible both online and offline, Playster’s books are the perfect travel companion. What’s more, no limits means having the freedom to discover. You can start (and stop) as many books as you want without having to worry about paying extra or wasting credits. Go on and read New York Times Best Sellers, timeless classics and more. Music From Warner Music Group to Sony Music Entertainment and The Orchard, Playster has all of your music needs covered. Listen to today’s biggest artists, like Adele, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars and many more, and hottest new indie talent with no ads and no interruptions. Choose from 15 genres, turn on curated playlists catered to every mood and occasion, or create your own and share them with friends on social media. The Ultimate Entertainment Experience Imagine: One moment you’re listening to an expertly curated playlist and the next, you’re enjoying an audible story or watching an educational documentary . All it takes is the click of a button. Features: Stream unlimited audiobooks, books, music, movies and TV shows. Download instantly for offline listening. Your first 30 days are FREE! Enjoy unlimited New York Times Best Sellers, like The Girl on the Train, Fifty Shades of Grey, Hamilton, Inferno, It, The Light Between Oceans, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo and more. Choose from a wide range of genres, including: Young Adult, Romance, Mystery, Thriller, Business, Cooking, Health & Fitness, Religion, Kids, Science Fiction. Stream hundreds of expertly curated playlists or create your own, then share them with friends on social media. Learn a new language, including French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese, with educational audiobooks. Access unabridged Bibles in multiple languages, including English, Spanish and French, in both eBooks and audiobook formats. Switch seamlessly between media types without ever having to leave the app. Create up to three separate user accounts per membership without having to worry about someone else’s recommendations affecting yours. Enjoy all these perks and more by downloading the Playster app and starting your FREE 30-day trial today! Payment Information: Playster's 'All-Media' subscription costs 24.95 USD/month in the US. Prices may vary in other countries. Learn More About Playster: Support: Connect With Playster: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

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