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In short

Audiobooks Now Audio Books is a free app for Android created by


Love audiobooks and the variety of the books offered

Loads of great audio books

I have been pleased with the available library and book discounts

Good book sales and even a free section

I like ordering audio books when it os convenient for me

Great choices of books

Great variety of books

Great selection of books

This app is perfect for listening to audio books on the go

I really love this audio app and all the books they provide

The book reading is broken up a bit

I searched 10 different books and non of them showed up

Worst product I have ever used

Constant loss of audio wheb using bluetooth

Doesn't seem to work smoothly unlike other apps

Most clunky glitchy app I've ever tried to use

Files corrupted multiple times

It turned out to be tye wireless and not the app


Audiobooks Now is the premier service for downloading and streaming digital audiobooks with over 80,000 titles to choose from. With their innovative Club Pricing Plan, users save 50% off their first audiobook purchase each month and 35-40% off additional audiobook purchases. Audiobooks Now offers a 30 Day Free Trial to their Club Pricing Plan so you can try it risk free. Or, simply purchase audiobook downloads at their everyday low prices (no plan required). Key App Features: - Sign up - Make audiobook purchases - Auto bookmarks - Download or steam audiobooks - Sleep timer - Free audiobooks section - Audio playback speed controls - Manual bookmark and labeling feature - Auto incoming call pause and resume - No data or WiFi connection required after audiobooks are downloaded - Sync audio books and bookmarks across multiple devices - Ability to skip around within track list The Audiobooks Now Android app allows you to easily explore their extensive catalog of downloadable talking books. The streamlined, responsive interface will help your find, purchase and listen to audio books in no time. Audiobooks Now’s unique auto bookmarking software will make sure your audio books always picks up where you left off, even if you listen to an audiobook on the way to work through the app, than stream it through the website at work. Once your audiobooks are downloaded, there is no more need for a data connection. The Audiobooks Now app will allow you to play downloaded audiobooks on the go without a WiFi or data connection. There are many ways to enjoy audible DRM free audio books. Whether you're on a road trip or long commute, working out, or simply doing chores around the house, audio books are the perfect way to enjoy great books anytime, anywhere. MP3 books are also perfect for anyone who is vision impaired.

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