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In short

AudioVision Music Player is a free default app for Android made by Štefan Schindler. This is a great app for others and people. It helps to visualize music.


Great Music Player that need few features nd I will be a Great app

Yet elegant and unique music player

With all sorts of customizable visualizers

This is the best music player I've ever try

Other than that it's a great music player

This music player is outstanding

Love the simplicity and quality of this music player

Every phone I get gets the default app replaced by this perfect app

But yeah you are one of the best music player out here

It's a nice music player with visualizer

Why does the music player need microphone permissions

I do not have to do dumb video editing

Worst music app I've ever used

This music application is terrible

Reordering the last two list items crashes the app

Its ok but my mp3 downloads doesnt work on this app pls help

Giving me a corrupt video file

App crashes when I search by song name

Hmmm when is this decent app gonna start charging users

I cant get it to play through an album without bavibg it on repeat


AudioVision is modern designed music visualizer, which can be used as fully-featured music player at the same time. It allows you to organize your music by albums, artists, genres, manage playlists and more. The visualizations currently contain a bunch of carefully prepared design patterns with endless customization possibilites. The playback can be controlled also by using wigets, notification or from the lock screen. The user interface is designed with material design in mind for seamless user experience. Some features: - organize music by artists, genres, playlists, albums and more - built-in highly customizable music visualizer with user definable background and colors - enhance playback by using equalizer to adjust sound levels - fresh designed material style user interface - small app size - multi-size widgets and lock screen controls - seamless songs playing using queue - mark best songs as favourite - create, delete, rename or modify playlists Note: If you have any problems or questions, please, read the FAQ first:

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