BlackPlayer Music Player

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In short

BlackPlayer Music Player is a free Android music player app from FifthSource. It is a great way to sound quality.


A must have app on your phone better than stock music player

Best music player app in Playstore IMO

For this reason i will say best music player app ever

Awesome music player and I use it over the Sony one that was built it

Best music player ever

I love this music player

The best music player ever

A really great music player

Easily my favorite music player

Awesome music player but i am having a problem

On Redmi Note 3 the app is Frequently Crashing while music Playback

If your default music player sucks

And you don't need to waste your time with the music player paid

Then it randomly went and deleted the artists off half the tracks

App does not resume playing after phone calls

It randomly started making my notification bar disappear

The same thing happened after going to the play queue

No user heurestic at all

Makes ut impossibls to identufy albums so no use to me Uninstalled

It doesn't work with google voice


BlackPlayer is a Free elegant modern local Music player. It's easy to use and one of the fastest out there. Key features:. - Supports the standard local music file formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG. - Build in Equalizer, bassboost & 3D surround virtualizer or option to use external Equalizer. - Flac support (4.1+) - Gapless playback. - View & Edit embedded lyrics - HD Album cover management, auto and manual. - ID3 Tag editor, edit Track, Albums & Artists - Changeable Themes, fonts and colors. - Very customizable. - Music scrobbling. - 3 widgets. - Sleep timer - Flat minimalistic design. - Crossfading (Limited support)

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