Blood Pressure BP Check

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In short

Blood Pressure BP Check is a free prank app for Android created by Gextudio. It can be recommended to prank parents and others. And this is a perfect way to make fun.


Beautiful user interface great work effort from development team

It is highly helpful regarding any sort of health issues

Nice and easy user interface

Best apps in play store

Its best fun app to prank friends about their health status

Super amazing prank app to have in phone

Best fun app to make scare friends and family member

Extremely helpful tool to track my blood pressure

I always check my blood pressure with this Fun App

Fun app for blood pressure

Not useful if you ACTUALLY need yo check your blood pressure


They thought is for real until I told them is just a prank app

Be careful not to use it for clinical works

This app blood give a faulty reading

It is very hard to decide whether its real or fake


Blood Pressure Checker is a handy tool to keep track of your blood pressure and heart rate. Now you can check or test your Blood Pressure with using only your fingerprint, this is a blood pressure scanner to prank your friends and family on phone screen by checking your health. You will get instant blood pressure and heart beat within 10 seconds. Once you start to measure blood pressure app and pulse rate click on start button, and put your finger on the screen to measure the blood. A very user friendly interface. HOW TO USE: Step 1: Press "Start". Step 2: Place your finger gently on the fingerprint scanning pad and wait for the analysis. Step 3: Wait for few seconds. Step 4: Your blood pressure scanner will be shown automatically after calculation which is fake. DISCLAIMER: This is just a prank app to have fun with friends and family. Fingerprint Blood Pressure pro Prank is for entertainment purposes only. It does not calculates you blood pressure. Calculating or measuring Blood Pressure is not possible with your android device's screen and camera. The displayed results are random numbers.

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