Progression Fitness Tracker

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In short

Progression Fitness Tracker is a free fitness app for Android created by Zoltan Demant. And this is a perfect way to track workouts.


Best app for tracking lifting sessions

Really good app for tracking workouts

Absolutely love this app for tracking my workouts

Great app for tracking workouts

Finally a simple workout tracking app

Great integration with Google fit etc

Just overall the best workout tracking app I've used

This is the best workout tracking app I've used

Easily the best Android app for tracking your weight lifting sessions

Its probably the best app for tracking exercises

It does not sync progression workouts like it used to

Weird to have arms split into biceps and triceps but not for legs

Also last update deleted my schedule

Will not save if Stamina Mode is active

I can't find a way to fix it

Can't restore my Pro purchase to a new device

I have to tap several time and this is really annoying

The madcow programme is totally wrong

Tried most of the gym apps and they all fell short

I try to use this app but it won't let me give it access


Fitness tracking made simple, and beautiful. Seamlessly integrated with Google Drive to backup and sync your workout sessions and programs to all your devices. Progression – helping you move forward in the gym, and in life. This is how it works • Pick one of the many built in programs to follow. • Build your own program from scratch. • Workout on the fly. Adding exercises as you go and feel. Track weights lifted throughout your workout sessions with your phone or watch. As soon as you’ve done an exercise once, it’s last used weights will be automatically inputted for you in future workouts. Tap complete workout when you’re done and voila, after leaving a comment you’re taken to the history view where you can find your newly finished workout and all earlier workouts you’ve accomplished. Head on over to the statistics page to view a throughout overview of your progress for each exercise, including graphs displaying your progress over time as well as specific details about your one rep max and other related stats. This is why it works What you achieved the last time you performed an exercise is always available during your workout – allowing you to fully focus on beating it, time after time. By always striving for progression in the gym, you will become a winner, not only in the gym – but also in life. • You’ll be able to tackle everyday problems with ease. • Your confidence will grow each time you break a plateu. • As you evolve, so does your body. Regardless of your fitness goals, improving yourself will improve your body for the better. Tips & Trix • Use the rest timer to ensure you don’t rest too long or too little between sets. • Calculate the number of each plate you’ll need for your upcoming set with the plate calculator. • Drag handles next to input fields allow you to drag the number up and down instead of typing. • Discover! There are over 300 built in exercises, a good chance for you to find new fun exercises to help you on your journey. • Review workouts on your tablet, start them on your phone, and track weights on your watch.

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