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In short

FitNotes - Gym Workout Log is a free workout app for Android created by James Gay. It can be recommended to many friends. And this is a perfect way to listen to music.


Best app to record notes

Best app workout log I tracked so far

This app does everything I want and is easy to track my workouts

Which was a simple and clean app to track my workout

Above and beyond the single best app for tracking your lifts

Excellent app for tracking gym progress

This is by far the best app I've used for tracking my lifts

This is the best app I've found for tracking my lifts

The best fitness app available on the play store hands down

Backing up on google drive is also nice and convenient

No fitness log app even approaches the competition

While the app store is chalked full of workouts apps

I was really disappointed that it didn't copy over to my new phone

Logs your personal records

Most apps have so much usless junk


Goodbye useless trackers


FitNotes is a workout tracker with a focus on simplicity and clean design. Ad Free! Workout Log - View and navigate daily workout logs quickly by swiping between them - Navigate to a specific day using the inbuilt calendar - Add an exercise to the workout log and record sets of weight and reps or distance and time - Swipe across when recording sets to view your workout history with the exercise - Attach comments/notes to sets - Rest timer with sound and vibration options - Re-order exercises you've added to a workout log (long press an exercise card to initiate 'edit mode' and then press and drag the blue drag icon at the top right of the card) Exercise Database - Includes a default selection of categories (Chest, Back, Legs, etc) - Each category contains a small default list of exercises - Create custom categories to better suit your training program - e.g. Olympic Lifts, Plyometrics, Ab Training, etc - Add new exercises quickly using 'Save and New' feature - Two exercise types: Resistance and Cardio - Resistance - record training in weight and reps - Cardio - record training in distance and time Routines - Create a routine to provide quick access to your most commonly used exercises - Assign exercises to a particular day within the routine - Name a day whatever you want (Monday, Chest Day, Workout A, etc) - Select a single exercise from a day within the routine to add it to the training log or hit 'Log All' to add an empty set for each exercise which can then be filled in later - Create as many routines as you want and switch between them using dropdown list - Remembers which routine you selected last Calendar - Dates on which you have recorded training logs are highlighted - Tap a day in the calendar to display a popup listing the exercises performed on that day - Navigate to a specific day's training log by selecting it in the calendar and hitting 'Go!' - Filter which days are highlighted in the calendar - e.g. Highlight days where I did bench press and lifted more than 80kg for at least 5 reps Highlight days where I ran outdoors and travelled more than 3 miles in less than 20 minutesr Backup/Restore - Backup your data to device storage or an online cloud service (DropBox or Google Drive - please ensure you have the corresponding apps installed on your device if you would like to backup to one of these services) Export - Export your training logs in CSV format so they can be analyzed in your spreadsheet application of choice Permissions - Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage: Required in order to be able to backup/export data to your device storage or sd card - Control vibration: Used if you have selected the 'Vibrate' option for the rest timer - Prevent device from sleeping: Required in order to ensure the rest timer continues to count down when the screen is off If you have any feedback then please email

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