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In short

Calorie Counter - Macros is a free Android tracking app from Appmoto. It is a great way to learn about nutrition.


This is a great app for tracking macros

Fab little app for tracking your macros

This app is the best tracking app there

This is the best macro tracking app

This app is great for tracking your macros

Good app to learn about nutrition and track your consumption

Love this app for tracking macros

Way better app for tracking macros than MFP

But this app makes keeping track of macros simple and accessible

And I love the fact it has a pie graph to show the ratios

Barcode scanner does not populate nutrition label info

Somehow the UX and food database is now terrible

I refuse to give out my email just to use an app

Tedious having to manually add nutrient data

The online food search did not work with my old phone with 4

Can't search any food items so I have to manually add everything

Just doesn't work on your will power

Barcode scanner still does not work

Online search function isn't working

I accidently entered one at 0 and it messes up my weight loss graph


No matter what diet regimen you are following, counting macros will take you to the next level. Keeping track of protein, carbohydrates and fat will help you put together a balanced and effective meal plan that will help you reach your goals and get the physique you desire. If IIFYM, aka If It Fit Your Macros, is your thing, this is the app for you. Eat whatever you want, as long as it fits within your targets and get ripped on the foods you enjoy the most. Macros allows you to specify goals for individual days of the week, which can be helpful if you are doing carb cycling. It also allows you to put in a little extra calories for those extra hard leg days, or cardio workouts. The app will show you the distribution of your macros and your progress towards your daily targets in an easy to comprehend overview. Macros will make it easy for you to count calories, allowing you to search our online food database or create your own personal food items. You can search by title or you can use the barcode scanner to locate the food you want to add to your food log. You can also track fiber and sugar intake to make sure you are getting that important fiber in your diet while keeping the sugar intake in check. The easiest way to know if your diet is healthy and helping you achieve your goals is to track the little things. How to lose weight fast is a question many people is asking. The answer is not to join weight watchers, but simply to start counting calories. The simple formula is calories in versus calories out. Macros calorie counter app will help you keep that balance. If you want to lose weight easy and fast, you simply have to eat a bit less than your body needs to keep its current weight. You don't have to eat only salad and chicken, as long as you stay within your calories you can eat whatever foods you like. If however you are a bit more serious about your diet, perhaps dieting for a show, bodybuilder, fitness athlete or similar - counting macros and alonside tracking calories is very effective. So what are you waiting for? Start counting calories, track macros, do your carb cycling or IIFYM thing today! Download Macros and you will be one step further to your dream physique today.

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