Codenza: Programming Repository

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In short

Codenza: Programming Repository is a free coding app for Android created by It can be recommended to novice programmers and students. And this is a perfect way to have many examples.


Great app for looking some coding references

Best coding app I ever had

It's great to have so many examples at hands

This app is extremly helpfull for students like me

Hands down the best app that gives guide to novice programmers

Awesome job developer

Good job Developer Team

Only problem about Codenza is use of conio header file

A big thanxx to developer team

Keep on the good work guys

Code formatting is awful

I get stuck in an infinite loop trying to exit the app

Not working properly on my bluestacks android emulator for pc

I find it insulting to use this as an Android Developer

There was an error in the How to run section

Terrible piece of software

Ads block the code in android phone


Codenza is a Programming GuideBook for IT/Computer Science Students & Professors to help with the aspects of programming. From an Engineer to a Ph.D., everyone can rely on codenza. Users can request a program from "Request a Program"section. Subjects Covered: C , C++ , Java , Data Structures using C, C++ & Java, Algorithms using C, C++ & Java, Computer Graphics using C, C++ & Java, PHP , Python , C# , Perl , JavaScript, CSS, Assembly, HTML, Ruby, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography & Security, Big Data Analysis, Operating System, Microprocessor, Digital Signal Processing, Parallel & Distributing System, Datawarehouse & Mining, System Programming & Compiler Construction(SPCC), Computer Networks, SQL, PLSQL, MYSQL, R Programming. Website: Email: Facebook Page: G+ :

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