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In short

cronometer is a diet diary app for Android created by BigCrunch Consulting Ltd. And this is a perfect way to change life.


I like this app a lot for tracking keto macros and planning ahead

Perfect keto tracker

Great app for tracking macros just needs a bigger food database

Fastest task in the app

Pleasant user interface

It's an excellent app for tracking down calories

This app is a good way to keep track of vitamins and minerals

It has a great web portal for managing your own custom foods though

This app helped mr to change my life

Nice to know the developer listens

I tried to switch to the keto setting but it won't save

The phone app WILL NOT allow me to change any settings

Trying to add a protein powder was awful

And the barcode function is almost useless along with search

I liked all of the features but the food database is abysmal

There was a Refund button

But everytime the page loads very slowly even in LTE

I tried resetting my password and have not received an email

It does NOT pretend to be a social media platform

I'm getting SO ANNOYED about how long it takes to log the food I ate


cronometer is a web application for tracking your nutrition and health & fitness data. This is a companion app to the cronometer.com for easy logging on-the-go. You can log and track your daily foods, exercises, biometrics, and notes. We track 60+ micronutrients. It is much more than a simple calorie counter.

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