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In short

Track - Calorie Counter is a free app for Android made by Nutritionix. It helps to track calories.


This is a great app for tracking your calaries

Slick app and great tracking features

This app makes it easy to track food

I am on a diet and it is great to have this app track my calories

This is by far the best food tracking app I've come across

This app makes it easy to get a grasp on my eating choices

Easiest app I have used to count calories

I only wish it was easier to add homemade dishes

Easy to track your food with a great database of food

Love the ease of use and other tracking features

Very disappointed in this application on my cell phone

Most food trackers are incredibly frustrating

Worst calorie counter and I've seen horrible ones

Seldom have I found a food item that isn't in their registry

The update feature has stopped working

I uninstalled it and went back to Lose It

Says it works with fitbit but can't seem to get it to


Nutritionix Track is a calorie counting app that provides the absolute quickest way for you to keep track of what you eat. In as little as 60 seconds per day, you can track the full nutrient profile of your daily foods including calories, carbs, sodium, protein, and more. Track is developed and maintained by a team of registered dietitians to create an accurate and easy way to learn about what you eat. App features: - State-of-the-art natural language engine lets you speak what you have eaten and automatically takes care of the rest - Fitbit integration automatically syncs foods from Track to Fitbit (Visit Preferences > Connected Apps) - Instant barcode scanning, with coverage of over 95% of grocery items in the US and Canada - 640+ US restaurant chain menus - Thousands of new foods added to the app every month Have any feedback? Please email us at

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