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In short

Calorie Counter - EasyFit free is a free Android fitness app from Mario H. It is suitable for developers. It is a great way to track calories.


This app is really helping me stick within my calories budget

This is the best fitness app I've come across

Perfect for counting calories

And now Iove tracking my calories

Easy to use and is very helpful to control the daily food intake

The custom foods part is great as well

Very helpful health app

Excellent costumer service

Love the culture food

A successful business is also based on great customer service

Doesn't work won't even take weight inputs

I've tried to readjust it 3 times

Don't you love condescending replies from developers

After you add a food does not take you back to main screen


Easy Fit calorie counter tracks your food, exercises, weight/waist progress and macros. See animated statistics, make your own food and achieve all your fitness goal. No login, all functions for FREE and extremely fast. Use Easy Fit to lose weight, gain muscles or simply improve your fitness. Straight and effective No hundreds of lists of same food. No confusion. Just pick the food and add it. All calorie estimation are carefully calculated and very well tested to produce great results. Thousands of users are extremely happy with the weight loss results since they used EasyFit. Start now and achieve your goals. 2 in 1 Not only a food tracker for burned calories, but also a exercise tracker as well where you can track your exercises manually as well as using a Live Tracker . Burn more calories and achieve your goals like lose weight or gain muscles. EasyFit shows your daily calories in a cool moving colorful wave. Choose any fitness goal like weight loss, bodybuilding, gain muscles and lose fat at the same time for athletes and let this diet and fitness app do the job for you and calculates your maximum daily calories to achieve your goals. 100% Privacy NO shady permissions. NO data collecting/selling. Everything is saved locally. Your privacy is guaranteed! Statistics Fastest calorie counter app with 4 Animated & Zoomable Statistics about your calories, exercise time, macros and weight progress. You'll be done with calculating your daily calories from your food for the day in no time. EasyFit also counts your daily macros based on the food you ate and shows you a cool animated colorful pie chart with macro percentages. You can also set the percentages you would like to achieve. Personalization With is amazing food tracker, you can create your own food, or mix several foods into new meal letting EasyFit calculate your burned calories automatically. This food diary has 24 beautiful colors to choose from and put your own feel into this best calorie counter app. Available in 4 languages, English, German and Arabic and French. Speed & Design Search EasyFit calorie counter for any foods it already has or the foods you created to speed up your calorie counting time even more. Easy Fit is an extremely fast weight loss tracker and is very beautifully designed. It is not only the fastest calorie counter app on the market, but the most beautiful as well. EasyFit has not one, but two widgets weekly exercise widget to track your burned calories and lose weight by becoming fitter, and daily calorie widget to always see how much food you ate and how much you have left. This food diary has original food icons & exercise icons and is very easy to use. Enjoy my Calorie Counter, share it with your friends & rate it 5 Stars to support this great free app and help it reach more people helping them succeed in their journey :) - Credit for Special Category & Settings Icons is due to icons8 website. Used under Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. - Credit of background Image in Play Store Christopher Campbell. Used under "Creative Commons Zero"licence. - Steps icon made by Freepik ( from  Website Note from Developer Please write an email about any opinion/wish you have about the App. I will gladly implement wishes of my users who show appreciation for the hard work and great free functionality of this App :) Email: My Other Apps EasyQuit stop smoking Pedometer - Step Counter

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