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In short

Fitbit is a free Android fitness app from Fitbit, Inc. It is suitable for users. It is a great way to track sleep.


I recommend Fitbit over any fitness app in the Play store

App is great for tracking sleep

Helped me control my calorie intake and lose weight

Issue has been solved thank to custumer support service

I needed to know distance and resting heart rates

Their website is also really terrific for users

Love it and yes the fitbit customer service is second to none

It is easy to count calories and steps with

App works very well for counting steps

It's helping me with my weight goals and overall health

It doesn't sync with phone app like everyone else says

Whoever the lead dev is behind the code used to sync via your phone

Setup and sync speeds are abysmal

It still has inconsistent syncing issues

It barely attempts it then comes up with sync error try again

3 It is no way to disable auto workout and sleep monitoring

Need to uninstall and reinstall app every time I want to sync watch

Cant get it to sync on my huawei p9 lite so its a bit of a waste now


So inconvenient to sync through the computer


The free Fitbit app is designed to work with Fitbit activity trackers and smart scales. GET ACTIVE. EAT BETTER. MANAGE WEIGHT. SLEEP BETTER. - Wirelessly SYNC your Blaze, Alta, Charge 2, Flex 2, Surge, Charge HR, Charge, Flex, Aria, One or Zip tracker with your Android device. - Track your DAILY GOALS and progress over time for STEPS, DISTANCE, CALORIES BURNED and more - Use GPS to track your RUNS, WALKS & HIKES - LOG ACTIVITIES like YOGA and WORKOUTS to keep you on track - LOG FOOD to see how many CALORIES you consume each day, and manage your WEIGHT over time - COMPETE with FRIENDS with daily or weekly CHALLENGES and compare stats - ALL DAY HEART RATE TRACKING with Fitbit Surge and Charge HR Learn more about Fitbit activity trackers and smart scales at See list of supported devices at

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