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In short

Simple Macro - Calorie Counter is a free app for Android created by Simple Macro. It can be recommended to beginners. And this is a perfect way to stay on track.


By far the best one I've found for tracking macros on a keto diet

I do think this app has helped me stay on track

Perfect app for tracking the food you eat

Pretty good app for just keeping track of daily macros

Extremely helpful to track food intake

Could use a barcode scanner and micronutrient counter as well

It has definitely helped me stay on track

Perfect for counting macros in a very simple way

Very helpful for tracking macros

Listing my favorite foods makes it easy to calculate my intake

This is pretty much useless if your carb cycling

I thought it not having a food database would suck

But the graphs are terrible for colorblind people

You can't see the calorie content until you return to the main page

I forgot to log meal one day and couldn't fix it

Didn't get anywhere close to the right numbers

Now there is no way to save that


Simple Macro was made to help you keep track of your calories along with keeping track of your macro nutrient distribution. Diet is the most important part of reaching your weight goals whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle. Tracking your macros along with calorie counting is vital to achieving the physique you desire. You can set your macros by percent of calories contributed or by grams. There is a feature to add food that you've eaten into your favorites so you can quickly add the macros from the food and get on with your meal. Your macro goals as well as the macro nutrients you've already had for the day will be on display the moment you open the app so you can take a quick peak and see if you need to have some food. You can then swipe to the right in order to begin adding the food you need to hit your goals and start working towards the weight change you want.

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