Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere

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In short

Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere is a free Android fitness app developed by Yoga Buddhi Co. This app is recommended for beginners and advanced users. This is a good app to do yoga.


It's fun and you'll learn how to do yoga

This app has helped me do this

Motivates me to want to do yoga regularly

Especially love the ability to select how many minutes i want to do

Perfect music to do yoga to in my opinion

The soft tone and the perfect music make this amazing for me to do

Best fitness app I have ever downloaded

Easy to follow poses and a convenient way to practise yoga

This is the best fitness app I've downloaded so far

This is one of the best apps on my phone for sure

The video playback is broken

I find this unacceptable and an unnecessary requirement

Even my inflexible husband joins me when this app comes on

I have tried other apps that didn't flow well

Down Dog apps is not working at all

No excuse to not yoga every damn day

I've tried other yoga apps and they were really bad


The Down Dog App provides a studio-like yoga experience in the comfort of your home. Each time you practice, Down Dog creates a brand new vinyasa yoga sequence so that you never run out of content. Clear vocal instruction and matching music round out the experience for a true studio-quality class. From our users: "This is the best yoga app I have come across on the App Store. I’ve downloaded a ton of apps, and this one blows them away. The instruction is great, I love the mix of music they offer during the sessions, every time you start a new class the routine is a little different so you’re never bored. This is the first time I’ve ever taken the time to write a review, but I think this app deserves the praise. You will be so happy you made the decision to get it!!!""Where to begin!!?? This app is set up for anyone to use it - beginner to expert. The music, sequencing, and instructional style are amazing. Beautiful images help visually to flow they be sequence but if you are familiar with the poses the narration is as if you are in the classroom - you may not even need to look at the screen! One of the best apps I’ve ever used for yoga - great for travel and when a studio or studio time just isn’t available/feasible. Thanks down dog team!!""I started using DDA in August and have been continuously WOW’ed by how stunning it is. The music is perfect, the constantly changing sequences have improved my home practice, the visuals are an aesthetic delight, and the restorative practice has helped my insomnia tremendously. I use the app almost every day and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to increase the amount of yoga and health in their life. Beautifully done."

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