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In short

DreamMapper is a free Android app developed by Philips Respironics. This is a good app to monitor mask fit.


This App helps me track my nightly sleeping activity

Use it everyday to monitor my mask fit and my occurrences

Works great live to read my hours and leakage info each day

This app works great and customer support is quick and helpful

My brain power and concentration are improving each day

Very helpful information in an easy to understand format

Enables me to monitor my sleep and ensure that I have a proper seal

Love being able to see my results

Great information to help me get a grip on headgear fit

Great to get my therapy monitored and adjusted remotely

Then quit collecting data

You cannot choose whether or not to sync your data with BT

Only works half the time and the online website is a joke

Unable to transfer data via Bluetooth

Lots of error messages when trying to connect

It also doesn't recognize my Dreamwear mask

You have to Uninstall the app and reinstall it

Been very dissatisfied with the Phillips machine in general

Lags when switching between time lines

The app won't even function if you don't have internet connectivity


Philips CPAP devices treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) so that you can sleep better at night and be more active during the day. Philips DreamMapper provides all of the following: • feedback about your treatment and your therapy results • ability to set and manage goals • achievements to stay motivated • informational videos and guides to help you succeed • helpful reminders to clean/replace equipment, and meet with your clinician • notifications about your therapy and your DreamMapper compatible equipment Learn more about DreamMapper at

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