Folder Tag for Google Drive

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Folder Tag for Google Drive is a free app for Android created by Kitasoft.


Folder tag for google drive Very good apps


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File manager for Google Drive. You can operate the files and folders on Google Drive, like on the local storage. Also, can copy or move the files seamlessly, between Google Drive and other storages. -------------------- Launch app -------------------- This app is plugin, therefore does not work alone. Please install together main app and launch it. - (Main app) When the dependent app is not installed, will be displayed the message for encourage installation of that app. Please install the dependent app in accordance with the message, and launch the main app. - (Dependent app) -------------------- Direct Read/Write -------------------- Can read or write the files on Google Drive in the external apps, by [Open] or [Send] of the file menu. * When that app supports "content://". * Depending on the app, it may not work. * When external app to access the file, will be notified. -------------------- Notices -------------------- - MIME type of files created by this app, will be "application/octet-stream". - The deleted or overwritten files by this app, will be moved to trash. - When file/folder with same name exists multiple, cannot perform some operations. - Display of Google document file size will be zero. - Google document file cannot be copied to another account or other storage. -------------------- Attribution -------------------- Google Drive is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions. -------------------- Ads -------------------- When file/folder does not exist, Ads will be displayed in main app. When you have installed the all plugins, Ads will not be displayed.

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