Good Morning Alarm Clock

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In short

Good Morning Alarm Clock is a free Android app from Apalon Apps. It is a great way to see weather.


My favorite is the pre alarm

It's a great alarm clock as well

Best phone alarm I have used so far

Thanks for having this app

And I like seeing the weather without having to look it up

I love going to sleep to the ocean sound

But wish it had a snooze button too

Also it would be pretty cool to add nature's sounds to wake up to

The built in sleep sounds are amazing to have

Great app for the sleep

Had to uninstall because it caused my OP3 to overheat

And it still doesn't do a damn thing

Very dangerous infact


Good morning brings a good day! This alarm clock finds the optimal time to wake you up, provides you with night stats, and notifies if you have to change your sleeping habits. With alarm clock Good Morning you’ll know the secret of waking up refreshed and energized. Start your day in a good mood with this intelligent and caring clock next to your pillow! TRULY SMART ALARM CLOCK: * Intelligent wake-up: place your Android closer to you to allow the alarm clock monitor signals from your body and wake you up softly when you are in the lightest phase * Detailed analysis: get the statistics on easy-to-read graphs to track hours slept, to analyze the quality of your sleep * Alarm tunes: set gentle and natural sound or choose your favorite music to start your day off energized and inspired as never before * Relaxing sounds or white noise: create your own playlist with your favorite songs to lull your mind and body * Sleep goal: get the reminders with daily and weekly data to encourage you towards healthy lifestyle * Nightstand mode: use your device as a simple bedside clock if you don’t need to gather any night statistics * Weather conditions: plan your day ahead easily with the current weather conditions for your location. HOW IT WORKS: Every night we go through different phases of sleep - from light to deep. The secret of waking up rested and feeling more energetic upon awakening is to wake up during a period of the lightest phase. The alarm clock Good Morning uses the accelerometer built into your device to monitor your movements while you are sleeping and detect which phase you are in. It creates a 30-minute window (by default) before the wake-up​ time you set and the alarm goes off within this window while you're in the lightest phase. Thus, your body and brain wake up naturally and gently and you feel rested with less stress and grogginess. In the morning you also get a nightly record in the form of a graph along with the most essential stats.This information helps to improve your current schedule and avoid under- or oversleeping. Sounds tempting? Use this smart alarm clock tonight. Thank us in the morning.

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