GPS Test Plus Navigation

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In short

GPS Test Plus Navigation is an Android gps test app from Chartcross Limited. It is a great way to share locations.


Great to be able to share locations via Google Maps

This is an excellent app with all the GPS functionality needed

Useful GPS utility app

The best GPS app ever

The best GPS app you can get

Accurate and the screen layout is excellent

But this app is customisable for about everything other GPS function

Love this for the altitude and speed functions

I highly recommend this for all your GPS needs

This is a very well implemented GPS utility

I can't get Dashboard screen with the analog dials

There is No Dial Screen

Frame rates are terrible

I emailed regarding the problem but no response


This is a retrograde step


Check to GPS reception in your area, update AGPS data for faster fix times all this and simple offroad navigation as well. Supports GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, SBAS, BEIDOU and QZSS satellites. The navigation functions can replace your 'Car Finder' app and also be used for Geocaching. It records unlimited saved locations, so you can navigate a simple route as well. If you like this app, please like GPS Test on Facebook: - http://www.facebook.com/GpsTest GPS Test Plus has five screens full of information: - 1) GPS signal (SNR) bar chart, showing the signal strength for each satellite, as well as the accuracy and status of the GPS. 2) Satellite positions in the sky (skyview), shown on a rotating compass. 3) Your current location on the earth shown as text and on a world map. The current position of the sun and the day/night transition curve is also shown. 4) Compass or Navigation tool. 5) Fully configurable dashboard view, shows current speed, heading, altitude and other fields as text or as dials. 6) The current time read from the GPS and the local time in your current timezone, as well as the sunrise and sunset times at your location. Useful for navigation or geocaching. Supported Coordinate Grids:- OSGB, UTM, MGRS, USNG, CH1903, Maidenhead. Supported Datums:- WGS84, NAD83, NAD27, ED50, AGD66, AGD84, SAD69 All the features of GPS Test, plus:- * Speedometer, Altimeter and Compass dials. * Seven segment display font. * Dot matrix display font. * HUD display mode for windscreens. (The display is mirrored so that it shows the right way round when the phone is placed on a car's dash and the reflection is viewed in the windscreen). * Share location. * Import and export waypoints in GPX and KML formats. The app has several colour schemes, which could be used to match other instrumentation, used along side the app. It has a "night mode"colour schemes as well. Works large screen tablets and in the new Android 7.0 split screen mode. Blog for GPSTest http://gpstestapp.blogspot.com/

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