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In short

Health Mate is a free Android healthmate app from Withings. It is a great way to achieve goals.


Timeline and weight graph are useful together

App works well with the body scale and blood pressure monitor

Scale sync well as long as within good wifi coverage

Syncs well with my Withings watch

Power Saving and it syncs every time

It helped me to lose weight and exercise day by day

Easy to use app that encourages you to achieve your goals

Hi Team Great effort so far

It is fascinating to watch my weight fluctuate over time

What a great tool to see the big picture

Constant sync troubles with fitness tracker

This POS app means I hardly ever use the blood pressure monitor

And website app fails to sync and show my sports activities

It won't sync with the Health Mate app

Health mate data is not synchronized to Google fit

The app no longer syncs with the watch to matter what I do

Also got slower to sync with the new version

I can't add a number after decimal point on body fat reading now

It pauses for 10ish seconds presumably to recalculate

Biggest POS app and the scale sucks also


The Withings Health Mate is the simple way to take care of yourself and stay healthy. It’s free to download and is designed for anyone who wants to lose a few pounds, exercise more, keep an eye on their blood pressure, or sleep better. Living healthy starts with knowing where you stand. The Withings app stores history of your data, helps you understand it and improve it over time. You can log this data manually or use one of our many compatible tracking devices and apps to automatically track your health. Get to the weight that is right for you : - Log your weight data manually or use a Withings Smart scale to do it automatically. - Keep history of your weight and see where you stand on beautiful graphs. - Set yourself achievable goals, and be reminded to focus on your efforts. - Instantly see how close you are to your desired weight. Stay in shape: - Track your physical activity with the Withings Pulse, or link our free partner app : RunKeeper - Get instant tips and supporting messages from your Withings Health Mate and make sure you achieve the recommended 30 minutes of moderate activity per day. - See how your physical activities impact your weight loss in a snapshot. Get peace of mind: - Log your blood pressure data. - Be reminded to monitor your heart regularly, and share your data with your doctor and your loved ones. - Consult your Withings health mate and see instantly how well you are taking care of your heart. Get restful night's sleep: - Sleep does matter and impacts your day to day. Track your sleep automatically by putting your Withings Pulse in the wristband. - Consult your healthy health mate and see instantly if you are getting enough rest.

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