UP® – Smart Coach for Health

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In short

UP® – Smart Coach for Health is a free Android fitness monitoring app developed by Jawbone. This is a good app to track steps.


Easy to wear wristband

Great intuitive health and fitness monitoring app

Really good app for tracking steps

The stats the app tracks are realty helpful

I bought this app to monitor my sleep and find it excellent

Take my meds and helps me understand my sleeping hours

Use this in conjunction with other apps to record exercise and diet

Recipe ideas and different coaching tips throughout the day

Overall this is super useful in monitoring fitness

Helps keep track of steps and even encourages to take challenges

Can't recommend this app and their sleep fitness trackers enough

Been unable to sync tracker for last 2 months

It can't sync with itself on the phone and one the smart watch

Can't sync well with Motorola 360 gen 1 smart watch

Fibit app doesn't even register in battery usage

The worst android app of all time

Constant issue of not syncing information correctly

If I can't sync it's pointless to have it

Textbook example on how not to treat your customers

Tried all troubleshooting tips on the website and still nothing


Compatible with UP2, UP3, UP4, phones that have motion tracking, and Android Wear watches. The UP(R) App guides you every step of the way to a healthier you. Get started today by tracking your sleep, activities, and diet. Smart Coach will guide you through better choices as an intelligent guide that gives you personalized tips. A PERSONAL COACH IS STANDING BY Smart Coach is an intelligent guide that learns and grows with you. It goes beyond showing you data and offers tailored advice to help you make better choices, so you can reach your goals faster. HEART RATE THROUGHOUT THE DAY See how your Resting and Passive Heart Rate (UP3/UP4 needed) change over time and understand what a healthy heart rate means for your health. TRACK WORKOUTS Whether you are training for a big event or just want to get a few more steps in your routine, track your activities and UP will push you to reach your best with streaks, milestone, idle alerts and more. TRACK SLEEP AUTOMATICALLY Automatically track your sleep (UP2/UP3/UP4 needed) to track sleep stages and get insights on how you can have more energy the next day to be at your best. TRACK FOOD TO MEET DIET GOALS Set goals, log your meals and use an easy to understand food score to get the information you need to improve your diet and reach your ideal weight. NO TRACKER YET? THAT'S OK! Use your phone and compatible hardware to get started with the revolutionary UP App! WORKS WITH UP Personalize your UP experience with connected apps and hardware you already use to help you reach your goals faster. You can also set Alerts, Smart Alarms that wake you up during the most optimal time , and much more. There is a better version of you out there, get UP and find it!

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