Heroes of Skyrealm

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In short

Heroes of Skyrealm is a free slash game for Android made by 6waves. This is a great app for heroes. It helps to see wars.


I love the 3 hero mission thing and also the raiding and boss fights

Good looking game with a deep upgrading system for heroes

Good combat mechanics and amazing graphics

Excellent game only issue is overpowered pvp battle opponents

Best of all you don't need to be a wallet warrior to stand a chance

Exelent job on the presentation of the solo content

This is BY FAR the best game ive ever played on my phone

I really enjoy the intricacy and the amount of stuff to do in game

This is an awsome Hack n Slash game

The play style is really fun and intriguing

Character models frozen and will not move

I waste money and time to this game to get Kong

The matching system is totally unfair

Keeps saying my name had invalid characters even with a random name

Wtf I don't know my uid or we it is just my account name like sigh

Another greedy publisher

I tried it on 3 different devices to no avail

Makes a terrible sound every time I load in to the game

Would not finish downloading the final 4 packs

Greedy devs and fail systems


Heroes of Skyrealm is a team-based mobile game that combines the action of a hack and slash RPG with battle strategy of an RTS. Summon over 30 legendary Heroes, each with unique abilities and play styles. Use powerful attack or support spells, blast your foes from distance with long-range weapons, or hack and slash your enemies with massive swords and melee weapons. Action, RPG, or RTS - the choice is yours! KEY FEATURES - Fast-paced, team-based hack and slash action – unlike any other action RPGs, bring three heroes to the fight at the same time! - Co-op Boss Raid – hack and slash with two friends - up to nine Heroes at once, all in real-time! - Real-time PvP Battle Arena, with proprietary matchmaking technology - RTS gameplay – build your base in the sky, collect resources, scout and conquer enemy territories Tired of the same old strategy and RPG games? Heroes of Skyrealm is a completely new experience that puts you in control, and gives you tons of gameplay options. Are you an RPG fan? Customize your Heroes’ skills, level up their gear and maximize their stats before battling the enemy. Are you an action junkie? Assemble your Heroes into the perfect team and hack and slash your way to victory in this groundbreaking action RPG. Do you relish the challenge of RTS or MOBA games? Try the brand-new Stronghold Mode, where TowerDefense meets RTS gameplay! Looking for even more action? Crush your Rivals in the real-time PvP Battle Arena. **Now available in 6 different languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Simplified Chinese Please select your preferred language at the Title Screen on the upper left** Like our fan page to keep in touch:

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