MMA Spartan Home Bodyweight Workouts Pro

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In short

MMA Spartan Home Bodyweight Workouts Pro is a bodyweight exercise app for Android made by AST Inc. It helps to perform exercise.


The pro version is great and I recommend it to anyone

Great app for single or group workouts

Great high intensity workouts that you can do at home

Phenomenal and easy to use app

Great app excellent selection of workouts when you can get to gym

This app has helped me tremendously with gaining muscle mass

Very helpful animations show you how to perform each exercise

Great app for body weight

Very impressive set of bodyweight workouts

This is probably the best bodyweight exercise app I have used


Get fit with Spartan Bodyweight , no equipment required! Just minutes a day to build muscle and lose belly fat at home. High quality simple workout routines for beginners and athletes. Each workout is video followed,with set of muscles involved instructions. There are two types of workouts,with timer and reps. -The timer workout contains a timer that will inform you when the round/rest starts and finishes.Also there is a sound that marks the end and start of the round/rest. -The reps workout type work by pressing Done on the bottom of the exercise,and when you want to start the exercise to to press begin. The exercises contain 48 exercises that will show the muscle group that it targets. Major muscle groups that the workouts hit: - Abdominals - Back - Biceps - Calf - Chest - Forearms - Legs - Shoulders - Triceps The aim of this app is to bring you at the best shape possible at home.No equipment is required for doing any of the workouts. These workout circuits are going to help to build your body at home. So there is no need for GYM routines. Workouts are pure insanity to lose the belly fat and for pumping your iron muscles. With these workouts and exercises, you will get functional strength, explosiveness (explosive power) and defined body. Mix those workouts to improve your stability, stamina, agility and coordination. App is based on HIIT (High intensity Interval training) regimen, which will improve your cardio and fast up your fat loss. Chromecast support: Watch all exercise videos on your PC or TV screen via Chromecast. Main function of this app is cardio, bodyweight and aerobics - better fitness, body health, fast metabolism for fat burning with a workout plan and exercise training program. Everything packed in workout these mixes.

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