MMA Spartan Workouts Pro

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In short

MMA Spartan Workouts Pro is an exercise app for Android made by AST Inc. It helps to have more options.


Would like to have more options for creating custom workouts

Being an ex royal marine these apps are outstanding

Need more workout routine and meal plan but great app

Thank you for an excellent workout app

Love that it includes some HIIT exercises with the weight training

Best fitness app I have encountered in a long time

Great simple workouts to acomidate any fitness regimen

Also ability to add custom exercises without graphic

I am easily able to make exercise more of a family affair with them

This app will be the perfect workout app

It is not possible to create useful custom workouts

The mma circuit kicked my arse

This new plan is definitely not what I paid for

I can't access the meal planner

The timer on the bottom right is always messed up

Until then it feels like an unfinished product

Which defeats a big chunk of the purpose

They will release another update and force you to pay again


Workout routines that will help you to become strongest version of yourself. Choosing MMA Spartan System 3.00 app for your workouts, you will get: - More than 80 exercises with video support for every workout - Create your custom workout - Ability to filter exercises into muscle groups - Weekly Spartan diet plan - Vegetarian nutrition plan - Each exercise comes with additional pictures of muscles involved - Built-in timer with audio support - 12 Killer Workouts - Follow along workouts - No need for internet connectivity(offline) - Material design - Simple to use We strive to make the highest quality fitness,crossfit and bodybuilding apps. Major muscle groups: - Abs - Back - Biceps - Calf - Chest - Forearms - Legs - Shoulders - Triceps Plans made for: - Beginners - Average people - Athletes This workouts are made to improve you stability, coordiantion, speed, strength, cardio and physical condition. It also helps you to lose fat in short time. MMA Spartan System 3.00 is ideal for people who want to get in shape with basic exercise equipment. Also great for those who enjoy MMA(Mixed Martial Arts), High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) timed workouts. Change your life today with MMA Spartan System 3.00!

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