Hub Family Calendar Organizer

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In short

Hub Family Calendar Organizer is a free Android app developed by Ironark. This is a good app to setup between wife.


Love that it syncs to my Google calendar

Our Org uses hub for calendar events and meeting reminders

Works awesome we especially use the task list

This is a great tool to keep our family organized

Great way to keep tract of a large family or adult household

Great to keep things organized between my wife and me

Allows for the entire family to post event and schedules

Excellent for keeping our family organized and on the same page

Easy to setup between my wife and I

Very easy to use and solid app for family management

I can't access January calendar

Total piece of crap app

Just spend spams my phone every four mins with a crash report

Too many error bugs and works when it wants to

Shows a real time update of canceled events

Paid a lot for a one year subscription only 3 months ago

I went on summer vacation and came back to a useless app

Now to work out how to extract a refund

New update renders the app useless on my Android

I'm going to need a refund and cancellation if this isn't fixed soon


Hub keeps your home & family organized. Share calendars, lists, tasks, photos & more. Everything that's important in one place. Get your housekeeping, chores and organizing done. It's great for parents, mom, dad and acts as a family planner for your household. The ultimate family organizer. The best app for sharing calendars. The best app for sharing lists & tasks. Shared Calendar. Share events from your calendar and sync events into your calendar. Works with all calendars. Share grocery lists, shopping lists, ToDos, any list you want. Share notes, messages, photos, comments & more to stay connected. Simple, fast & powerful - it's your home & family organizer! SHARED CALENDAR & SCHEDULING Shared calendars and agendas help you stay in sync with everyone around you. Manage events & meetings, and share them regardless if your using google, hotmail, outlook, gmail, or yahoo. Hub integrates with everything. Use month view or week list agenda view. Great for housekeeping, chores and keeping everything organized. It's your entire event schedule and agenda manager - your family calendar. SHARED LISTS & TASKS Share grocery lists, shopping lists, todo lists & more. Fast and effective list management let you organize and share all your lists and help you get things done! Parents love hub because it keeps everything organized! Check items off in checklists, assign things, track what needs to be done. Set due dates, reminders and be more productive. Manage chores, tasklists, to-dos with hubapp. BETTER COMMUNICATION Messages, notes and posts let you stay in touch with everyone in your family. Whether they're at home, work or school. Regardless if you have kids or not Hub is perfect for you and your family. It's your family organizer and home organizer. You'll wonder how your ever survived with a calendar, task list and communications that wasn't synced with your home. Parents and families alike. It's a cozy way to keep organized with everyone. It's great for couples, families, parents, kids and anyone who needs to stay organized together. We all have todo lists and events to mange - hub is the ultimate task manager. You'll be amazed at how useful shared grocery lists, shopping lists and shared calendars are and how you got by without them. It makes parenting, home and family life so much easier. Everyone needs and home & family organizer. Appointments are automatically synced between users and you'll always be up to date with your calendar, events, tasks, todo lists, grocery lists, shopping lists and anything you want to share. Organize everything! Get organized today with Hub. Your Home & Family Organizer!

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