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In short

Lifeline is an app for Android created by 3 Minute Games, LLC. It can be recommended to developers. And this is a perfect way to see story end.


I love playing this game it always seems to lure me back

You did really pretty FANTASTIC job in this story line

This is a fantastic way of immersing someone in a game

One of the most immersive games I've ever played

Great game with lots of tension

Innovative real time gameplay

I highly recommend getting this game

Grew up with text adventures and thoroughly enjoyed it

Thank you guys for the great job

Amazing story and lovable character with awesome

I don't understand why it says there are ads and in app purchases


Lifeline is a playable, branching story of survival against all odds. You will help Taylor make life or death decisions, and face the consequences together. Acclaimed writer Dave Justus (Fables: The Wolf Among Us) weaves a gripping interactive story through the aftermath of a crash landing on an alien moon. Taylor is stranded, the rest of the crew are dead or missing, and Taylor’s communicator can only reach you. A totally unique experience enabled by modern devices, this story plays out in real time. As Taylor works to stay alive, notifications deliver new messages throughout your day. Keep up as they come in, or catch up later when you’re free. Or, dive in and jump back to earlier points in the story, and see what happens when you make a different choice. Simple actions can have a profound effect. Complete any single path to restart the story and unlock this mode. Lifeline is a deep, immersive story of survival and perseverance, with many possible outcomes. Taylor is relying on YOU. Internet connection not required. No in-app purchases and no ads. WATCH US: http://www.youtube.com/c/LifelineGame Praise for Lifeline: “I’ve played many games that I find engrossing, but Lifeline may be one of the first that changed the way I thought about my daily routine, which leapt off the screen and became a part of my lived experience.” - Eli Cymet, Gamezebo “I cared – really cared – about the fate of a completely fictional character. I don’t think any other game I’ve played has made me feel that way before.” - Matt Thrower, PocketGamer Lifeline on Android was created by: Dave Justus Mars Jokela Dan Selleck Colin Liotta Jackie Steege Wilson Bull Jason Nowak Ben “Books” Schwartz

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