Linda Brown: Interactive Story

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In short

Linda Brown: Interactive Story is a free Android story game from The Other Guys. It is suitable for otherguys. It is a great way to get diamonds.


I would love to see more stuff in the play store like this

The best story game I have ever played

I LOVE the story line and graphics

And a great time killer

Fun and has a good story line

The story line is your own and the graphics are amazing

This was the best story game I've ever played


It's so exciting I just love the hole thing about this story

Love the graphics and the story line is so cool

So don't download it is fake make fool to us

The cost of spending diamonds for answers is ridiculous

Yet forcing to buy diamonds to make a different decision

The game stops opening why

The cost to buy diamonds to select the correct answer is wrong

Does not allow you to choose your own path either

Now I click on it and it goes to a black screen

It is very annoying that although there are different options

After so many of dumb apps I found the right one


Immerse yourself in a story full of romance and mystery . Enjoy it anytime, anywhere, and make decisions to shape the story plot!

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