Metal Pro

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In short

Metal Pro is a facebook messenger app for Android created by Nam Nghiem Apps. And this is a perfect way to replace facebook.


Small footprint and battery saver

Other than that it is the best app to replace Facebook

On my tablet It provides the best full page viewing I have found

Really love using the app

It's a good replacement of official facebook lite

It also saves on battery life

Excellent replacement for the Facebook and Facebook messenger app

Fantastic app recommended by a friend

Keep up the good work

Saves a lot of battery over official apps

The notification bar does not show notifications wtf

It constantly hangs and tells me i have no internet connection

Video uploading does not work

My news feed only loads a few story's then stops

I DO NOT want text message notifications

Video download button is just for show does nothing

Also not a battery drainer

Only installed it yesterday but keeps pestering me to leave feedback

Lost the ability to post links

You might get a higher star rating than the one I'm leaving here


Your Facebook app should work for you. It should be light, functional and beautiful. It should look how you want it to be accessible everywhere, with lightning fast launch speeds. Metal Pro does this. And more. And now it supports Twitter, too. Two social networks, one tiny app. Metal Pro is a Web wrapper with some awesome enhancements you don't get from just a browser like Notifications, Floating windows and Themes. Have a problem? Report it here https://plus.google.com/communities/111788662490973067803 instead of leaving a 1 star review. It helps me fix the problem and make it worth 5 stars to you! MATERIAL DESIGN Browse intuitively, with a design that's easy on the eyes and makes sense. Enable the Material Design theme in Settings METAL BAR + METAL EVERYWHERE: Access your messages, news feed and notifications from any app, with a tap and a swipe. Swipe down the notifications bar and tap an icon. Metal Everywhere opens, allowing you to browse in a floating window, while you wait for a game to load or a photo to download. COMPLETELY AD-FREE: Metal is for you, forever. No ads, anywhere (unlike some other clients). It keeps your data usage low and your experience the best possible. (Facebook may offer you sponsored content as part of your feed) FIXED TOOLBAR & FULL SCREEN MODE More content, less distractions. Browse with ease using Metal's enhancements. NOTIFICATIONS: Get notified from those you care about. Easy to set up and easy to use. THEMES & DARK MODE: Your choice. Dark mode makes everything dark. Or use White, a flat and beautiful theme. Or use the default Facebook Blue. ALL YOUR FAVORITE FEATURES: It's light (Just 3MB), supports data-saving features and Orbot/Tor.

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